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Shakespeare’s Globe nestled in the heart of London’s South Bank needs little introduction. Authority and hub of all things bard-related, Globe Education preserves, performs and refreshes Shakespeare for modern audiences.

Globe Education is the dedicated education department of Shakespeare’s Globe. Over 100,000 people of all ages and nationalities are welcomed annually for a year-round programme of workshops, talks, events, courses and special programmes, and outreach programmes and events take place nationally and internationally.

Read Not Dead on the Road is Globe Education’s ongoing project staging readings of rarely played treasures by professional casts produced between 1567 and 1642 by Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Actors meet the morning of the “performance with scripts” that same afternoon; an adventure for both actors and audience.

Read Not Dead on the Road rolls out across the country taking in various locations and including, the highlight of the run, Wilderness Festival.

Reviews from last year’s performance…

“Read Not Dead at Wilderness with cast from Shakespeare’s Globe. Wonderful just wonderful.”

“Shakespeare’s Globe’s Read Not Dead was definitely one of the highlights of Wilderness festival.”

News on this year’s performances..

“Be not afraid of every stranger,
Start not aside at every danger;
Things that seem are not the same.
Blow a blast at every flame;
For when one flame of fire goes out,
Then comes your wishes well about.”

England’s dramatic equivalent to A Thousand and One Nights, George Peel’s The Old Wives’ Tale is a story of stories…

Three young men are lost in the woods at night. Fearing the hobgoblins who will come after them if they don’t find a way out, they stumble through the dark forest into tall-tale territory, until a kindly blacksmith offers them a roof over their heads for the night.

Once settled in at the fire with the blacksmith and his wife, the young folk ask old ‘Gammer Madge’ for a story to pass the time. But this is no merry winter’s tale as one by one the characters begin to appear before their very eyes …

Soon the Old Wive’s Tale is telling itself and we are presented with a succession of wise old men, knights errant, bewitched maidens and a clown called Booby all questing against the evil sorcerer Sacrapant, in this metadramatic, fourth wall forsaking yarn.

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