The Season Ten Themes

Introducing The Themes for Season Ten. Flaunt your floral side with Grandma’s Wallpaper on Friday, own your opulence at our Tenth Birthday Party on Saturday and showcase your creativity on Sunday as The Great Big Hats Off returns. Tread lightly when considering what to wear; recycle, upcycle, go second hand…

Friday – Grandma’s Wallpaper

You know the one, it matches the curtains, the carpet and the lampshade – well, sort of. We mean flowers on top of flowers, with a side of floral. Whether your floral flavour is Victorian formality, rococo romance or mid-century modern; be your favourite print geometric, psychedelic or ditsy, just make sure to bring the flower power.

Saturday – Tenth Birthday Party

Larger than life is the name of the game and turning heads the ultimate aim. Think bright, think bold and get set to impress because bigger is better and more is never less. So, as we roll out the red carpet and ready the floor, prepare for the party of the decade, and a parade of outfits so sublime we’ll be screaming j’adore!

Sunday – The Great Big Hats Off

Last year saw the dawn of a Wilderness great, as your sublime headwear creations went down in the hat hall of fame. With so many wonders it just had to return, throw your hat in the ring because now it’s your turn. Take inspiration from our champion toppers, who set the bar high. We’re looking for the unexpected, the outlandish and those who reach for the sky. So, don your thinking caps and get creating, it’s time to battle it out for the crown of Season Ten…

The winner will be furnished with two tickets for Wilderness 2021 for their excellent creativity. The Hats Off Parade will take place Sunday 3pm at The Club House Playing Fields.


Note: We politely ask our guests to refrain from wearing Native American headdresses over the course of the weekend.