Welcome to Wilderness…

We intend for your time in the Wilderness to be treasured. What you feel and experience here should last forever.

Each year we create our four-day Wilderness with some fundamental guiding principles that we are proud to share – in the hope that you can better understand our motives and ambitions.

We believe that having experienced the show, you too will become entwined in the ways of the Wilderness.


We exist to inspire, challenge and enrich your lives. Collectors and creatives, we curate with an open heart and an ambitious mind.


Everyone is invited to be part of a community and a celebration. You are as important as the artists who create it. We aim to throw open minds to new ideas and experiences. We applaud acts of kindness, and hope to be the setting for new friendships and interactions.


Wilderness has a vast and unique programme that celebrates each art with equal significance. We aim to satiate even the most ardent explorer, with everyone discovering their own, individual journey.


Primarily, we are passionate about nature and the wild. Wilderness is inspired by, and woven through the unbelievable landscape we call home. Our drawing board is a nature reserve.

We have collected our wild and overflowing bricolage through years of late nights and wild dawns; by mining dreams, debates and dancefloors, and frequenting amphitheatres, underground bars, backroom dives, gatherings and happenings.

Everything you find in the Wilderness is brought to you with love and passion.

It’s all for you.

Love,All at Wilderness HQ x