Our Ethos

“You came one day and as usual in such matters,
significance filled everything.”
~ A. R. Ammons

Nomads and gastronomes. Rockers and roamers. Drifters and dreamers. The reclusive, the wise, the weird and the wild. Welcome. Step in and linger. We invite you on an escapade like no other.

You are embarking on an all-guns-blazing tour of the arts and heart-stopping delights that we have chosen to import to our paradise corner of the world. Explore far and wide. It’s all for you.

We also wanted to create a place where you can keep reality at arms length, where experience is everything: a humming microcosm in the Wilderness that dazzles and thrills every single sense.

Extraordinary main stage performances from pioneering global artists, a hypnotic and euphoric musical ensemble: unparalleled shows are our mainstay.

Rise early to run, learn or paint. Swim naked. Bask in the shade of a tree with a cocktail and your dearest and then sing for hundreds on stage. Head from sauna to hot tub then radicalize at a debate. Write a love poem, wander the woods foraging for snacks, try acroyoga, butcher a deer. Go wild at sunset as one of your musical heroes blazes before you onstage, lounge under the rafters of the folk barn with the troubadours.

Dine fine beside a deep freshwater lake, sketch a live minotaur, journey through the forest to a secret theatre. Bullseye those arrows, wrestle a stranger for his socks, catch a cabaret show dressed to the nines, roll in the glittery grass, play cricket in a dress, dance yourself sillier and sillier and then lose most of your marbles in the Night Realm.

Wilderness is a community. It has a pulse and a beating heart, and thousands of colourful heroes coursing through its veins. Its population is the lifeblood. You are vital in this community. Take your trip with wide eyes and an open heart; be mindful of coincidences. They make sense.

We want to raze your walls, throw open boundaries and push your buttons. It’s about expanding the horizons, stretching your grin wider and reveling in the utter joy of living. So allow us to romance you. Leave your stepping stones behind. This is a space for you to truly be free.

Wilderness is seven years young. The world we have created for you continues to morph and expand in ambition. And you are a part of that. At our core is a passion for incubating projects and being a springboard for collectives, providing platform for new works and artists, enabling experiments in art, performance and creativity.

There is an equality of disciplines here. Everything is emphasised. We believe that theatre is as important as the music, the food as important as the art. Talks and debates are as important as the games. At Wilderness everything gets our undivided attention.

Now that you are here, settle in.

When you know, you just know.

Best love,

Wilderness HQ x

The Park & Environment

Our home is a nature reserve, and the deer need it spotless. We operate a strict ‘Leave No Trace’ policy: If you see confetti, it’s biodegradable. All rubbish is picked, from cups to cigarette butts.

We recycle all rubbish collected at an off-site plant with our waste disposal partner.

As much waste food as possible is collected from all traders and vendors, cooked up, packaged by Oxford Food Bank and distributed to food banks as meals.

Treat our home with all the respect and care you would lavish on your own back garden. It’s yours for four days.

How it all works…

Your ticket includes the vast majority of the entertainment and magic sprawling across the park.

It also includes 4 days and nights in our amazing campsites: ancient forests, lush grass, undulating meadows, plenty of space…

There are some dining experiences, classes and extraordinary events that carry an additional ticket price which enables us to bring these special treats to the festival. They should be reserved in advance. Peruse our programme. We will let you know when these experiences are open for bookings via our newsletter and Facebook page, so please make sure you’re signed up.

Your Festival…

All tickets are for the full weekend because we want you to immerse yourself in our world. There are no temporary visitors. Stay for the duration, make friends and get involved.

Deck yourself out, doll yourself up, get tricked out to the hilt and shake all your tail-feathers. Our themes are for all to enjoy and we invite you to express them – and yourself – in whatever manner you can imagine. Join the tribes in finery and become a character of your choosing. Be good, be bad. Be whatever you want…

Plenty of people come with families, or friends, but many come alone and all are welcome. It’s a great journey to make as a lone ranger or part of a crew. Those who travel alone will not remain so for long.

Thank you x