BitterSuite presents Bodies Tilted

BitterSuite presents Bodies Tilted


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The Shala

Commissioned and co-produced by Southbank Centre for Meltdown Festival.

BitterSuite invites you into a universe for your senses, calling you to surrender and hear music through movement, your imagination and your body.

Set to a brand new live score using voice and breathwork to reference the Christine and the Queen’s discography, audience members will be sat, blindfolded and guided one on one through the music by a dancer for an intimate, somatic journey, radically altering the gig going experience.

Audiences are welcome to take part either as an Experiencer or as a Witness:

Experiencers are blindfolded and paired up one-to-one with a guide for an intimate journey through music using movement, touch, taste and scent.

Witnesses explore the choreography as it unfolds and attune to the sensory response produced by witnessing another's experience. This role is one of curiosity.

The choreography is led by Eileih Muir, and the experience is soundtracked by a vivid, playful score created by Stephanie Singer.

BitterSuite have previously been commissioned by and showcased work at venues including the Royal Opera House, Finnish National Opera House, Brooklyn Academy of Arts, Roundhouse Theatre, Arcola Theatre, Wilderness Festival and The Other Art Fair.

The creative team includes artists and experts in the fields of music, art, theatre, movement, poetry, somatic practice, food, perfume, psychology and neurology.


Tickets will be available to book on site at the Sanctuary Reception from Thursday at 4pm


Experiencers are blindfolded and receive 1:1 touch & somatic choreography offered by our guides. Experiences are blindfolded for a total of 20 minutes.


Witnessers are invited into an empathetic experience. They are part participant and part observer. This group works with the dancers to animate the space. They will also have time to visually explore the physical and sensory responses produced by witnessing another's experience. This role is one of curiosity. Witnesses are asked to be attentive and respectful to the journeys of the experiencers, as individuals and as a group.

Preparing for the Performance

This performance is sensory; guides will be in contact with your body through touch and guided movement. Please prepare for this experience as you would for any movement-based activity, considering both appropriate clothing and food and drink consumption before the performance.

Please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and be prepared to remove items such as rings, watches and glasses. Safe spaces are available for you to leave these in on the day.

We recommend you take off your shoes to best enjoy the performance.

Need to Know

Audience members will have the opportunity before the performance to highlight any particular sensitivities or injuries they have, or any other information which dancers should be aware of.

The taste element of the piece is vegan and free of the 14 major food allergens (celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites at a concentration of more than ten parts per million, and tree nuts).. An ingredient list is available to view on the day. Each audience member can opt out of this part of the experience at the beginning of the performance.

Each performance features two audience types - Experiencers and Witnesses.

Age Recommendation

This performance is suitable for all ages, however, due to the intimate nature of the space, especially for those who will be blindfolded, we ask that everyone present is able to respect the need for quiet during the show.


What contact is involved?
Guides will be in contact with your full body – all of the touch is designed to enhance the music. Guides particularly focus on the legs, back, shoulders, head and scalp. Your comfort comes first. Let your guiding dancer know how comfortable you are with these areas of your body and they will adjust your experience.

I feel concerned or have specific needs because of my culture or faith.
We understand that different parts of the body mean different things in different cultures and faiths. If you have a preference whether the guides touch any part of the body, for instance your head or hair, please make them aware. Your guide will adjust their approach accordingly.

What about injuries/body sensitivities/pregnancy?
If you have injuries, pregnancies, or physical concerns, please let your guide know and they can adjust the experience as best as possible to you, your body and your needs.

Do the dancers use any oil or products on their hands?
Guides do not wear any oils on their hands.


  • Composer & Director - Stephanie Singer
  • Choreographer - Eileih Muir
  • Creative consultants - Anna Pearce, Ashraf Ejjbair
  • Creative Producer - Deborah Bankole
  • Music production - Julian Wharton


  • Andy Gardner - Guide
  • Conn Williams - Guide
  • Danny Pagarani - Ceillist
  • Elvi Christiansen Head - Guide
  • Kyle Perfect - Sound
  • Luana Bea - Guide
  • Ria Ruckinsca - Guide
  • Spike King - Guide
  • Stan Young - Guide
  • Steph Kelley - Guide
  • Tom Sutton - Guide
  • Vivian Magalhaes - Guide
  • Willow Fenner - Guide

“Sensational show. It moved me. Delighted my senses. I lost myself and trusted in how the moments unfolded. It reminded me of the joy to be alive!”

“This is one of the most profound experiences I have had in my 49 years. I’m neurodivergent and this is the best dopamine hit. DO IT NOW”

“Could have watched it a million times”

Photo Credit: Pete Woodhead

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