J'adore La Vie

J'adore La Vie


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J'adore La Vie is a high end Cabaret & Couture duo act providing only the best in luxury entertainment fusing dance, burlesque and immersive theatre. Established in Paris, residing in London with West End residency at Proud Cabaret, this high fashion cabaret company is inspired by high fashion influences, showcasing bespoke hand made costumes that emulate haute couture and Avant-garde designs.

Providing glamour and sophistication with their classic showgirl numbers, whilst also offering a diverse range of high fashion acts that allude to androgyny, gender fluidity, the strength in sisterhood and the power of femininity. Most of the acts within J’adore La Vie are completely gender fluid and can be performed in duos either by their showgirl, showboy or non binary performers. All of J’adores newest acts created during 2022 focus on pushing the boundaries of social norms and playing with the concept of gender fluidity.

J’adore La Vie is a collective of professional dancers and agency models, working at the top of the dance and fashion industry with some of the most reputable brands, in fashion campaigns and on the runway. Their credits include Jean Paul Gaultier, Royal Windsor Castle, Vogue, Def Leppard. Ritz Paris,, Harrods, the V&A Museum, London Fashion Week and Selfridges to name just a few.