Pinky Promise: Breaking Barriers

Pinky Promise: Breaking Barriers


Sun 6th 12:05 - 10:53

The House of Sublime

'Breaking Barriers: Empowering Sexuality for People with Disabilities and Neurodiversity' hosted by Enhance the UK

Join CJ and Jennie from Enhance the UK's Undressing Disability team for a workshop that explores the intersection of neurodiversity, disability, love, and sex. In this safe and non-judgmental space, we will debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding disability and sexuality. We'll explore the unique challenges and opportunities that come with physical and sensory disabilities and sex. This seminar-style workshop is open to individuals with any level of physical or sensory impairment, as well as their partners and allies.

Together, we will delve into practical tips and techniques to help enhance pleasure, intimacy, and connection. We'll discuss communication and consent in the context of disability and sex, and learn how to talk openly and honestly with partners about our needs and desires. We'll also explore different techniques and positions that can help you maximize pleasure and overcome physical limitations, and discover new and innovative sex toys and equipment that can enhance your sexual experiences.

Whether you're someone who is neurodiverse, disabled, or simply curious about this important topic, you'll leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of how to create more fulfilling and enjoyable experiences in the bedroom and beyond. Connect with other disabled individuals and allies who are working to promote more inclusive and empowering approaches to sexuality. Come join us for an empowering and enlightening session that celebrates diversity and the limitless possibilities of human pleasure!