Pinky Promise presents: How To Live Your Best Heaux Life

Pinky Promise presents: How To Live Your Best Heaux Life


Sun 6th 13:15 - 14:00

The House of Sublime

'How To Live Your Best Heaux Life: What’s Your Fantasy’ hosted by Scotty Unfamous

Join renowned sexfluencer, educator, and award-winning romance author Scotty Unfamous for an unforgettable workshop on how to live your best Heaux Life. Whether you're new to kink or on a journey of sexual empowerment, this workshop will provide a fun and safe space to explore your desires with like-minded individuals at the Wilderness Festival.

Scotty Unfamous, featured on Channel 4 and BBC's Women's Hour, has dedicated herself to helping women embrace their sexual power through her iconic workshops. Now, she brings her expertise and passion to guide you on a journey of unlearning sexual shame, building body confidence, and embracing your fantasies without apology.

In this workshop, you will learn grounding methods that can enhance your solo or partnered play, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in pleasure. Scotty will share techniques to increase your sexual and body confidence, empowering you to embrace and celebrate your unique desires. Through interactive exercises and discussions, you will unlearn sexual shame and explore your deepest fantasies, creating a safe and judgment-free space to express your authentic self.

Navigating consent and healthy communication is crucial, and Scotty will provide valuable insights on how to ensure every encounter is consensual, respectful, and satisfying. Additionally, you'll receive a soft introduction to the world of kink, discovering how to incorporate it into your solo and partnered sessions to unlock new levels of pleasure and excitement.

Join Scotty Unfamous and a community of like-minded individuals for an empowering workshop that will transform the way you view and experience your own pleasure. Embrace your fantasies, unleash your inner Heaux, and live your best life without limitations.