Trewhitts Food and Honest Edibles

Trewhitts Food and Honest Edibles


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The Studio

Enjoy yoga with a top class teacher and then come and enjoy the wild organic, seasonal vegan flavours of Trewhitts and Honest Edibles- with fermented salsas, crispy earthy medicinal mushrooms, aromatic flavours and healthy but filling nourishment.

No vegan junk food allowed.

Trewhitts and Honest Edibles, two different catering companies but very similar ethos of supporting vegan, organic, local seasonal, wild foraged and fermented foods with a sprinkle of culinary herbalism.

Both Chippy (Trewhitts) and Billy (Honest Edibles), have catered festivals, private cheffed and retreats all around the World, Chippy has catered at some of the most prestigious retreats in the world and has qualifications in nutrition and Billy comes from a fine dining background and has opened a bistro.

Foraging and Wild flavours is a massive passion of these two chefs with a different twist to your normal vegan cooking. Come join us either for a tip top Yoga Brunch or mellow Evening Yoga with a Evening stupendous Mezze Platter.