Village Circus Presents The Playing Fields

Village Circus Presents The Playing Fields


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The Playing Fields

Village Circus Presents The Playing Fields

You could be forgiven for misunderstanding the vibe when you first arrive at the Playing Fields. What initially seems to be a quintessentially British games space, filled with people charmingly whiling away a summers afternoon, shuttlecocks drifting through the air, the sun beating down on lycra-clad revelers, a curious-looking linesman winding a wobbly line across the field, in the blink of an eye becomes a raucous play session, and hang on, is that you at the heart of it? How did this happen? You had no intention of taking part in a dance off, or wrestling a tiny, yet fierce, child for the final remaining seat in a ginormous game of musical benches. And now, wait, you seem to be being praised by the masses, is this a victory lap before a kneeling crowd? Were you just crowned The Club House champion? Did that just happen?

But the real question is - are you going to keep on walking, or dive back in for more?

Tempted to look back, aren’t you?...

Wait - is that a horse-headed bride riding a four-poster bed...??