The Conduit presents 'Reclaiming Space, A New Wilderness'

The Conduit presents 'Reclaiming Space, A New Wilderness'


Sat 5th 14:10 - 15:05

The Forum

The Conduit Club is home to a global community passionate about achieving positive social, environmental and economic change. With members and speakers ranging from Malala and Greta Thunberg to Sabrina Elba and Al Gore, our mission is to scale and accelerate solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Join activists, entrepreneurs and Conduit members for an interactive conversation exploring what 'wilderness' or 'rewilding' means to them, and to you.

Christabel Reed is the Director & Founder of Earthed and Advaya, and established the Initative Earth charity with her sister, Ruby, and Cara Delevigne.

Dave Erasmus is an off-grid advisor who advocates for a circular philosophy of ON and OFF living. He has successfully built and exited two companies and inspires and challenges organisations to implement regenerative cultures, resulting in more sustainable and effective outcomes.

Katrina Ridley is a Heart Radio DJ, television presenter, wildlife lover and model, specialising in the outdoors, intentional living and sustainability.

Tayshan Hayden-Smith is a Garden Designer, Presenter (Your Garden Made Perfect), Semi Professional Footballer and Founder of Grow2Know