The Trawl Podcast Live

The Trawl Podcast Live


Sun 6th 13:30 - 14:10

The Forum

With Jemma Forte and Marina Purkiss - Sunday Papers Live - NEWS

Political commentator and Twitter vigilante, Marina Purkiss, and broadcaster and writer, Jemma Forte, are great friends and co-hosts of The Trawl.

Their hit podcast takes a deeply irreverent look at politics. Though - warning - if you're a massive fan of this government, you should probably avoid. Ditto if you think Suella Braverman has the right idea and are wearing 'I love Brexit' underpants.

Each week, Jemma and Marina scroll through social media so you don't have to and they'll be bringing their satirical brand of humour and unapologetically like-minded views to Wilderness.

The stars of the show will be other people's tweets and comments and you’ll definitely enjoy what they have to say if you’ve given up on sunlit uplands and are hoping for a more progressive world than the one we currently reside in.

It promises to be an informative hour with a laugh or two.