Breathe Yourself into Ecstasy

Breathe Yourself into Ecstasy


Sun 6th 10:30 - 11:30


Breathe Yourself into Ecstasy - Pete Warnock

Pete has worked professionally with breath, embodiment, sacred sexuality and spirituality for 30 years. Come and explore your ecstatic nature through ecstatic breathing exercises to epic dance music.

Discover Natural Ecstasy Through Bulletproof Breathwork

Changing your breathing changes your mental and emotional state and reduces suffering.

Come and breathe yourself into ecstasy. Feel calm and clear, energised yet relaxed, more vitality, more alive - improve your resilience to stress and emotional triggering. Embody joy, wonder & love.

Deepen your yoga, meditation, sports practices, spiritual connection, intuition and presence.

These sessions are both a training and an embodied exploration of breath, vibration, and consciousness to ecstatic music.

Your breath can heal your trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and can bring peace, clarity, vibrancy, sexual vitality, and wellbeing. Learn how.

Over 18 Only