Joy Alchemy

Joy Alchemy


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The Mindful Space

Harnessing more joy, harmony, love and wonder into our being.

Our spiritual journey, personal development path and self-mastery adventure can sometimes lead us down some dark, scary roads, deep within, as we confront our shadow self, whilst gathering the wisdom we need to understand who we are, why we are here and what are our purposes.

With our ever-changing world, and new dimensional frequency shifts being felt more and more each day, it is important to be able to align our own metaphysical and inner emotional systems with these changes.

Honouring and balancing our natural cycles of yin and yang by knowing how to navigate from deep yin states of contemplation and reflection, which may sometimes stir our shadow emotions of lack, sorrow, sadness anxiety, and fear, but then having the tools to be able to quickly pivot into yang states of happiness, love, gratitude, joy, and wonder. 

Joy Alchemy is the process of transforming negative emotions and experiences into positive ones, particularly joy. This may involve cultivating gratitude, mindfulness, and self-awareness, among other practices. A keynote talk on Joy Alchemy may explore these concepts in more depth and provide practical tools for cultivating joy in everyday life.

Exploring the “Fool's Journey” by way of play, spontaneous silliness and wonderment, the JOY ALCHEMY key note talk from Joy Alchemist Chris Fitchew is a beautiful oxytocin-inducing masterclass that gives us the pivoting tools to master our emotions and master a positive outlook. 

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