The Process of Initiation

The Process of Initiation


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The Mindful Space

The Threefold Process of Initiation and Healing

Initiatory rites of passage existcross-culturallyy and follow the same theme.

Severance - Liminality - Aggregation

These rites are often incredibly challenging. They need to be, as it takes a huge amount of pressure to bend, break and reshape the human psyche into something useful.

In our culture, although our traditional initiatory rites have been lost to the mists of time, we can use this threefold process to empower ourselves to see our traumas as gateways to our healing.

This talk will give you a potent toolkit that will help you to navigate difficult periods of your life.

Eddy is a British Shamanic Practitioner focused on making authentic spiritual wellness accessible to those living in the modern world. He started Street Spirituality five years ago to help bridge the gap between ancient knowledge and contemporary life. His work has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Evening Standard and Tatler and he has contributed lead articles for the world's premier Shamanic magazine – Sacred Hoop.

His passion is providing people with the tools that they need to regain the balance that they may have lost from mental health or physical conditions.

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