Tom Middleton GCOM x Cosmos Live

Tom Middleton GCOM x Cosmos Live


Fri 4th 19:30 - 20:30

The Shala

With a career and catalogue spanning 3 decades and every style of electronic music you can imagine, from Global Communication and The Jedi Knights to Cosmos and GCOM.

Tom has toured the world and performed to millions observing the therapeutic and transformative power of conscious music to energise the body, expand the mind and uplift the spirit. Tom also helps millions sleep with music for apps like Calm and Apple Music.

"The Cosmos is within us all, we are made of star stuff" Carl Sagan. 

A conscious ambient to ecstatic dance set, incorporating reworked seminal ambient and electronic works from the catalogue transformed into a cosmic evolving ecstatic dance set.

Integrating powerful transformative resonances captured in the Kings Chamber from the Great Pyramid.

Expect spiritually nourishing, soulful, emotive and mind-expanding soundscapes and beats to transcend the physical and connect with our source - the cosmos.