Season Nine Themes

The Wilderness themes are a crucial part of the show. They allow us to express ourselves. We show our wild sides, wearing our bold and colourful hearts on our sleeves.

We invite you to be creative when planning your outfits. Use your imagination. Recycle, upcycle, go second hand. Please tread lightly with your environmental impact when considering what to wear.

Friday: What Comes Naturally…

Your finery is from the natural world.

Take your inspiration from the leaves in the trees, the petals on a flower, the clouds in the sky, the pattern on a butterfly’s wing. Borrow your look from the fronds of grass in the meadows, the bird on the wing, the plants, the planets, the stars, the animals.

Where do you find yourself? Nocturnal or sunlit? Deep forest or mountaintop? Above the clouds or in the ocean waves? Keep it au natural…

Saturday: Hue Are You?

Which colour makes your bold heart sing? Which tone speaks to your soul? What colour will you wear to show your true vibe?

We want to see the whole spectrum dancing across the park. Show us your shade, bright and true. Fly your colours from ramparts, it’s time to be bold. Colour block your Saturday. Shine bright you crazy diamonds. You have a rainbow palette to paint with.

Sunday: The Great Big Hats Off

Your headwear needs to be fabulous. Less day at the races and more full on art installation.

We want your outfit to stretch the definition of the humble word ‘hat’ out of all proportion. Go big, go wild, go bananas. Express yourself. Wear your heart on your head and a chip on your shoulder.

Your divine and exemplary presence is required at the Sunday Hat Parade. The winner will be furnished with a novelty ticket for our mega 2020 10th birthday…

Note: We politely ask our guests to refrain from wearing Native American headdresses over the course of the weekend.

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