Things To Join In With

At Wilderness, it’s the getting involved that counts. Whether it’s joining the choir, getting on stage to rap, playing cricket in fancy dress, competing in a dance off – or joining any other of the wonderful participatory dramas we have lined up for you – we believe festival life is for getting stuck in. As the adage goes, it’s the things you don’t do that you’ll regret.

There are a so many activities to seek out on site. There’s a wealth of colourful and interesting workshops in every topic imaginable. Try foraging or crayfish trapping. Make a hat. Practice art, dance, comedy writing or clowning. The programme is groaning with classes – from the physical, spiritual and holistic masterclasses found in The Sanctuary, to the creative and unique. Try Queer Life Drawing or join a Voguing Workshop. You can peruse and hunker down in the Greencrafts Village to get hands on with forging jewellery, stone masonry, wood working and the like.

Here is our compendium of participatory highlights:

God’s Jukebox

The festival-devised God’s Jukebox is an idea just one-year old which instantly became part of the fabric of Wilderness. The Atrium’s house band which just happens to be a 47-piece Symphony Orchestra arranges songs chosen by YOU, the audience. You request the songs that have backtracked the most monumental moments in your life. The orchestra plays them with guest singers. Everyone cries. It’s communal joy so potent the air crackles. Register your song here. Listen to last year’s show here.

Alternative Miss Wilderness

This is not your traditional pageant; we celebrate the superbly silly and the sensationally spectacular. Spectate and be amazed, or take your chance and throw your bejewelled top hat in the ring… We are searching for stars. You and your stylist could win tickets to come and spread your wings at Wilderness. Audience members, dress code is ‘Sunday Best’ and expect to get involved. Contestants, unleash your creative wild side. Let it be known, and encouraged, that Miss Alternative Wilderness does not have to be a ‘Miss’ at all – you are all whoever and whatever you want, choose or desire to be darling, and you’re simply fabulous! Enter here.

Night Games – Disco Dodgeball

This is the ultimate amalgamation of the greatest sport in the world, dodgeball, with dance-offs, sequins and sound-systems. Don’t worry if you haven’t played since you were 8, our esteemed coaches Nile Dodgers and Mr Jackson will teach you all you need to know. Win or lose, Disco is always victorious, so party like a champion with all of your fellow ballers. Bring you’re A-Game, dance moves and team colours to battle it out for the coveted prize of Disco Dodgeball Champions.

The Grand Irrational

The Club House brings you the finest in all British Sunday frivolities, a day at the races. Join us in your Sunday best, back your horse, and let our Horsepetality take care of your every need. You may even find yourself invited in to the Royal Enclosure…

The Hats Off Parade

Sunday’s Theme is all about the hat. We want your outfit to stretch the definition of the humble word ‘hat’ out of all proportion. Go big, go wild, go bananas. Express yourself. Wear your heart on your head and a chip on your shoulder. Your headwear needs to be fabulous. Less day at the races and more full on art installation.

Your divine and exemplary presence is required at the Sunday Hat Parade. The winner will be furnished with a novelty ticket for our mega 2020 10th birthday…

The Wilderness Choir

The best choir in the world – because you’re right in the middle of it singing your little heart out. Last year we had nearly five hundred people in the choir. This year we aim to hit a thousand. There will be sixty musicians on stage. There will probably be tears. Someone might explode. Sign up and join the choir.

World’s Largest Spooning Cuddle

Come in nice and close. Bring your friends, bring your neighbours and the people you met last night. Join us and the Togetherness team as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Spooning Cuddle. That’s right. This is serious. Cosy up and get spooning. We are going for the record. Registration opens soon.

The Dance Off Present Strictly Come Wilderness

The Dance Off is a high-energy participation space that invites YOU – the audience – to size up an opponent, step in to the ring and do battle through dance. Bring your A-game for this one – waltz, shuffle, skank, wiggle and wobble your way to victory, take home glorious prizes and respect, become a star for a moment… The stage is yours so own it. No application necessary. Turn up to throw down.

Round One on Friday, Semi-Finals on Saturday and the Grand Finals is on Sunday. Do it.

Hip Hop Karaoke

Getting on stage to rap in front of a swelling crowd, drunk on bravado, is, it transpires, an excellent pass-time. The good people of Wilderness have been throwing down their rhymes since time immemorial and of course, the veritable Hip Hop Karaoke institution we all know and adore returns this year with typical aplomb. Is this your year? Choose your rap. Sign up in the morning on the day. It’s time to throw down.

The Wilderness Cricket Match

The Wilderness way to spend an afternoon, laughing with the commentators, cheering the streakers, drunk on the picturesque. Or you could sign up to play?! The Bearded Kittens have been hosting the cricket on Sunday for as long as Wilderness has existed and the match has become a cornerstone of incompetence and genius in equal measure. Expect dubious umpiring decisions, inspired commentary, men in drag, streaking, boozing and some theatrics on the green. They operate on a simple first come first serve basis. Sign up at 9am when registration opens at the cricket scoreboard.

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