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Ticket Info

Ticket Pricing

All tickets include 4 days camping in your chosen campsite and access to the full weekend of festival entertainment.

We do not sell day tickets.


Adult Tickets (all + £11.25 bf)

Early Birds - £149 - SOLD OUT

Lazy Bird - £158.50 - SOLD OUT

Autumn Release - £168.50 - SOLD OUT

Spring Release - £179.50 - on sale now, get them here.

Summer Release - to be announced.


Under 18 Tickets (all +bf)

Child 0-5 years - £5

Junior 6-12 years - £35

Teen 13-17 years - £115

Children's tickets can only be booked with an adult ticket.

More info on booking under 18's tickets here.


Please note:

For Boutique and Meadow Camping accommodation is not included.

You cannot stay in your own tent in these campsites. You must book relevant accommodation on top of your festival ticket.

For Live-In Vehicle Camping you must book a Live-In Vehicle Pass (1 per 6x7m pitch) on top of your festival ticket. Pitches are marked out so your vehicle & any soft structures must fit within these dimensions – anything larger will require an extra pass.

If you’ve booked a Live-In Vehicle Pass you must complete our Live-in Vehicle Campsite Registration Form before arrival.


Find more information all our campsites here

Choose a campsite and book in…


How To Book

First things first, you need to choose your campsite.

Wristbands are barcoded, so if you want to change campsites you must call up your ticket agent to do so. Alternatively bring your unworn & unused wristband to site and swap it at your preferred campsite's box office.

Not camping? Just book General Camping and you can come and go as you please within our gate times, released later in the year.

Then choose the number of adult tickets you would like.

Under 18 tickets can be added during the booking process.

If you’ll be driving, you can add on car parking passes (also available to buy on site - cash only).

For Live-In Vehicle Camping you'll need to add a Live-In Vehicle Pass (1 per 6x7m pitch)

If you’ve booked a Live-In Vehicle Pass you must complete our Live-in Vehicle Campsite Registration Form before arrival.

For Meadow or Boutique Camping you'll need to add on appropriate accommodation.

Pay and make sure you receive a confirmation email. If you don't, call up your ticket agent to request one.

Sign up to our newsletter for important updates.

Tickets are posted 2 weeks before the festival, when you will also be emailed an information pack with arrival information.

Book Wilderness 2019 Tickets

Deposit Scheme

Spread the cost of your festival tickets across the year. Just select Book via Deposit Scheme when you Book your Festival Tickets.


Important Information

If you do not complete your payment plan all previous payments will be refunded and you will have to book a new ticket at full price.

So please ensure all your details remain up-to-date and that all monthly payments successfully go out.

Only you can log into and access your account, so only you can make changes such as updating payment details or delivery address.

When logging in you must do so exactly as you did when signing up. So, if you signed up through Facebook, log back in that way.

Then you can view your account, see the status of payments and make changes.



When signing up to the Payment Plan the initial deposit is taken immediately.

All other payments are processed on the 1st of each month. Final payment in July.

If you have missed a payment please log in to your account to check it's status and make sure all payment details are correct and up to date.

If they are and the payment has still not gone out please contact your ticket agent.

For Ticketmaster / Frontgate call them on 03330 035 937 .

T's & C's


Team Tickets

Bringing you 6 Summer Release tickets for the price of 5.

That means, when you split the cost between 6, it’s only £158.08 (+ bf) each … a.k.a. one of the most cost friendly Wilderness tickets around.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and get booking.

Please note you must book to stay in the same campsite but you can call up your ticket agent to switch if some of you want to stay elsewhere.

Teen, junior & children's tickets are not included.


Under 18 Tickets

Wilderness is a fantastic place for under 18s. With a dedicated Family Field full of theatre, craft, workshops and nanny service and a festival programme for all ages.


Booking Under 18s Tickets

Children's tickets can only be booked with an adult ticket

Begin booking your adult ticket(s) and as you go through you'll be able to add on children's.

Maximum 4 children's tickets per adult.

Make sure you book the right ticket for the right age of the child at the time of the festival.

To upgrade a child's ticket bring the unworn, unused wristband to site and exchange it at your campsite's box office. Additional fee covering the difference in ticket cost will apply.

If you've already booked adult tickets and need to add children's on, call up your ticket agent to do so. Have your order number ready when you call.

Contact Ticketmaster / Frontgate Tickets on: 03330 035 937

You can also buy on site - subject to availability.


Important Information

By booking an Under 18 Ticket you are confirming you are either the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian for the child or young person for whom you are booking.

Under 18s must camp in the same campsite as their family and/or guardians.

16 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years at all times.

The Valley is restricted to over 18s.


Book Wilderness Adult & Under 18 Tickets

Boutique Camping

Boutique Camping is a stunning place to call home for four days, offering an eclectic range of accommodation for you to choose between.

From Tipis to Bell Tents, Luxury Suites to Gypsy Wagons there’s something for everyone.

Additional perks include: 24-hour reception, concierge service, luxury loos & showers, dedicated restaurant & bar, pamper parlour, free parking and trolley service


What You Need to Know

To stay in this campsite, you need to book BOTH:

A Boutique Camping Festival Ticket (one per person).

Boutique Accommodation (prices start from £829).

If you don’t have both you won’t be able to access the campsite.

Boutique accommodation tends to sell out, so please book both early to avoid disappointment.

You cannot bring your own tent and stay in Boutique Camping.

Book Boutique Accommodation and Festival Tickets

You or your friend already booked Boutique Accommodation? Book Boutique Camping Festival Tickets only.


More Information

Full Boutique Camping Information

Boutique Camping FAQs.

For any other Boutique Camping Q's email

Meadow Camping

Don’t fancy the faff of bringing and pitching your own tent?

Meadow Camping offers pre-pitched Meadow Tents and Huts, so all you need to do is arrive ready to enjoy the festival.

You can only stay in this campsite if you book one of these on top of your Meadow Camping Festival Ticket.

You can sleep between 2-5 people depending on accommodation chosen.

Additional perks include 24-hour reception and proper loos & showers just for Meadow Campers.


What You Need to Know

In order to stay in this campsite, you will need to book BOTH:

A Meadow Camping Festival Ticket (1 per person).

Meadow Camping Accommodation (Tents from £399 & Huts from £549).

If you don’t have both you won’t be able to access the campsite.

Meadow accommodation tends to sell out, so please make sure you book both early to avoid disappointment.

Please Note

You cannot bring your own tent and stay in Meadow Camping.

You will need to bring your own bedding.


Meadow Tents

Meadow Tents come empty so you must bring all your own bedding.

4metre: Fits 2 with airbeds comfortably. 3 with roll mats max.

5metre: Fits 4 with airbeds comfortably. 5 with roll mats max.


Meadow Huts

New for 2019. Meadow Huts go one step further than Meadow Tents with beds and mattresses included.

You'll just need to make sure you bring your sleeping bag & pillow.

2person: 2 Single Beds

3person: 1 Single Bed & 1 Bunk Bed

4person: 2 Bunk Beds


Book Meadow Accommodation and Meadow Camping Festival Ticket

You or your friend already booked Meadow Accommodation? Book your Meadow Camping Festival Ticket ONLY

Live-In Vehicle Camping

Our only campsite that can accommodate live-in vehicles, caravans, campervans and tents.


What You Need to Know

In order to stay in this campsite, you need to book BOTH:

A Live-In Vehicle Camping ticket (1 per person)

A Live-In Vehicle Pass (1 per 6x7m pitch – pitches are marked out so your vehicle & any soft structures must fit within these dimensions – anything larger will require an extra pass)


What’s the difference?

A Live-In Vehicle Camping Ticket gives you access to the full festival weekend.

A Live-In Vehicle Pass allows you to bring your Live-In Vehicle into the Live-In Vehicle Campsite.

Without it, while you could still access the festival you would not be allowed to stay in this, or any other, campsite or the car parks with your vehicle.


When Can I Buy My Live-In Vehicle Pass?

Passes can be added on during the booking process, at an additional cost of £200.

They tend to sell out, so please book them at the same time as your festival ticket to avoid disappointment.

You will not be able to stay in this campsite if Live-In Vehicle Passes sell out and you have only purchased a Live-In Vehicle Camping ticket.

If you do not buy your pass at the time of booking you can buy them separately here or by payment plan here.

If you’ve booked a Live-In Vehicle Pass you must complete our Live-in Vehicle Campsite Registration Form before arrival.


What If My Vehicle Does Not Fit Within These Dimensions?

You’ll need to buy an additional pass.


Can I Have My Live-In Vehicle Delivered To Site By Someone Else?

You can indeed have your vehicle delivered to site but please note:

Vehicle must have it’s valid Live-In Vehicle Pass(es) - depending on size (1 per 6x7m pitch) - displayed before it arrives.

Vehicles cannot be dropped off before campsites open at noon Thursday 1st August.Vehicles will be directed to a pitch as they arrive, so if you would like to stay next to someone else, it is best to arrive together.


What If I Know Someone with a Live-In Vehicle Pass but Want to Stay with Them?

Live-In Vehicle Passes are per pitch so the cost can be split among those staying within it.

Everyone must be sleeping in the pitch and have their own Live-In Vehicle Camping ticket.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Caravans and Campervans are allowed in this campsite.

Soft structures, including tents, trailer tents and awnings, are allowed in this campsite provided they fit within your 6x7m pitch – if you need extra space you will need to book an additional Live-In Vehicle Pass.

A free Car Park Pass will be provided on arrival to move towing vehicles to Red Car Park.

There are no electricity or water hook-ups available.

Gas cylinders must be under 7kg. No more than 1 per vehicle.

Vehicles will be directed to a pitch as they arrive, so if you'd like to stay next to someone else, it is best you arrive together.

Only fully converted / suitable live-in vehicles are permitted.

If you have any doubt please send a picture to and we can confirm if it’s allowed.

Please read our full Live-In Vehicle T’s & C’s, before booking.

Book Live-In Vehicle Camping Festival Tickets & Passes


Accessible Campers

If you are an access customer with a live-in vehicle please contact

There will be a designated area within the Accessibility Campsite for you and your live-in vehicle.

Please note: there are no water or electricity hook-ups available for live-in vehicles in the Accessibility Campsite.

There will be a water point for general use. 

Book Accessible Camping Festival Tickets and a Live-In Vehicle Pass



Accessible Camping

Wilderness Festival welcomes deaf and disabled guests and is working harder than ever to make the show as accessible as possible for all.

We operate a 2 for 1 (free PA/carer ticket) policy for eligible guests. Available on Teen and Adult Tickets.

We also have a dedicated Accessibility Campsite. This is the closest to the arena, benefiting from a dedicated car park and hard road making wheelchair access easier.

Full Accessible Campsite Information Here


How to Book 2 for 1 Tickets

Please do not book a ticket for your PA/carer as this will not be refunded if you are approved for a free ticket.

Book the required number of Accessible Festival Ticket(s) (minus PA/carer).

Then apply for your PA/carer ticket and submit the supporting documentation required using our Access Requirements Application Form.

The PA ticket is provided on the expectation that your PA is willing and able to assist you throughout your visit and would be available and able to help you in the event of an evacuation.


PA/Carer Ticket Accepted Supporting Documentation:

DLA/PIP - Front copy only

A verifiable Medical Professional's letter

The Nimbus Access Card

D/deaf or blind registration


Time to Book

Book 2 for 1 tickets for Accessible Camping here.

Book 2 for 1 tickets but stay in another campsite by choosing your preferred campsite and booking here.

If you’d rather not book online, Accessible Camping Tickets can also be booked by calling our Accessible Ticketing Team on 0800 988 4440.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm  and Saturday 10.30am - 3.30pm

All tickets subject to availability.


For any questions regarding accessibility at Wilderness, please email or

Changing Campsites

Wristbands are barcoded by campsite. So, please think about which campsite you want to stay in before booking.

If you need to change campsites, you must contact the ticket agent you booked through. We cannot do this for you.

If you booked through Front Gate Tickets or Ticketmaster please call 03330 035 937.

Have you booking number to hand when you call.

Alternatively, bring your unworn and unused wristband to site and exchange it at your preferred campsite box office.

Car Park Passes

If you're planning to drive or travel by motorcycle you can book Car Parking Passes in advance. Passes will also be available to buy on arrival for cash only.

If you order online it will be posted to you along with your festival tickets 2 weeks before the festival.

If it has not arrived within a week of the festival then please get in touch with your ticket provider.

If it still does not arrive before the festival bring your order confirmation email and booker's I.D. to your campsite box office and they will provide you with a pass.


Make sure you book the correct Car Park Pass for your campsite

Blue Car Park Pass: Family Campsite

Red Car Park Pass: General and Quiet Campsites

Meadow Car Park Pass: Meadow Campsite

If you have already booked a RED Car Park Pass for the Meadow Campsite, this can be switched for a Meadow Car Park Pass on site at the Red Gate Box Office.


Car Parking is included with Boutique Accommodation. The number of free parking spaces depends on the size of your accommodation – for any queries please email


Local Tickets

A limited number of local tickets are available now for those with postcode OX7 3*

They can be purchased from Larcum's Shop in Charlbury for a discounted price of £120.

These are on a first come, first serve basis. Maximum 4 tickets per household.


To Book you will need:

A photocopy of a recent utility bill or bank statement (within the last 3 months) including full name and address containing the post code 0x7 3**

A credit / debit card, passport or driving licence with full name matching that of the utility bill.


To Access the Festival you will need:

Your printed ticket, to exchange for a festival wristband at your preferred campsite box office.

Proof of address and I.D. for the wristband exchange.

Exchanges can be made on Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th August, within gate opening times, available nearer to the festival.


Ticket Exchange

Red Box Office (South Hill) - General, Quiet, Live-In Vehicle and Accessible Camping

Blue Box Office (Crane Hill) -  Family Camping

Green Box Office (via North lodge) -  Pedestrians only

Boutique & Meadow Box Office - Boutique and Meadow Camping

Approved Ticket Vendors

Our official ticket vendors are:

Frontgate Tickets



Please note when you book a ticket through one of these vendors, you should call their respective customer service lines with any queries.

You can call Frontgate Tickets (Ticketmaster) our main ticket agent on 03330 035 937.



Refunds & Exchanges

Festival Tickets

We do not offer refunds on festival tickets.

We cannot transfer your festival tickets to future years.

We do not work with any ticket re-selling websites.

If you sell / give away your ticket, you will need to pass on your booking confirmation email so the new owner can call up your ticket agent to change delivery address and, if necessary, campsite.

Ticket Terms & Conditions

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