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Extra Experiences

Booking Extra Experiences

Most of our extensive programme of entertainment is included in your ticket price. You can have a wonderful time without booking any extra experiences.

However, there are some unique experiences that we would not be able to bring to the festival without charging a little extra for them.

Information on these will be released a little later in the year. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be in the know about future releases.

What is Included in my Ticket Price?

The vast majority of what there is to see, do, make and be part of are included in the festival ticket price. However, there are a few extra experiences that we could not bring to the festival without charging something extra for them, and this is what we mean by Extra Experiences. 

What Are Extra Experiences?

There are some unique experiences that we would not be able to bring to the festival without charging a little extra for them.

These include our Feasting and Dining options, Sanctuary classes and treatments, The Lakeside Spa and some Outdoor Pursuits.

Our online store for these will be open nearer to the festival.

When Can I Book?

Bookings for extra experiences is not currently open. Make sure you're signed up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with when individual extra experiences go on sale.

Refunds & Exchanges

We do not offer refunds on extra experiences.

We cannot change the time or day of your experience.

You can try exchanging pre-booked experiences on site at the Info Tent through our swapping tree. We take no part in this.

Leave a note with your unwanted experience and number, so anyone interested can call you up to arrange exchange.

If you give away an experience you no longer want, make sure you pass on the confirmation email, letter of authorisation and a copy of the booker's I.D. so the new owner can redeem the experience on site.

How to Check Your Booking Details

To book something, you must create an account with us. If you would like to check what experiences you have booked you can log-in to your account and see all you past orders. Alternatively, you should have received a booking confirmation upon booking – you can search your inbox to find this.

You will need this booking confirmation email and the booker's I.D. to use as your ticket to your extra experience so please make sure you keep hold of it & bring it to the festival.



What to Take on Your Experience

To access your booking, you will need your booking confirmation email, either on your phone/tablet or printed and the booker's I.D.

Some experiences may require additional equipment, particularly our Outdoor Activities, you will be sent a pre-event email with all of this information.

You can also check the individual pages of every activity on our website for all the information you need.

If you still have questions about anything once you're on site, head over to the Information Tent.


Terms & Conditions

Please note you will need to hold a valid festival ticket in order to participate in the experience. Book Festival Tickets.

All experiences are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

No previous experience is necessary but you will need to be in a state of good health and have the appropriate level of fitness.

Please come dressed appropriately and bring a change of dry clothes if your experience involves the risk of getting wet. You are advised to bring water and refreshments and to not bring any valuables with you.

Please get in touch if you have a medical condition/recent injury that may affect your ability to participate in the experience. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the experience, or modify the experience, in the interests of health and safety.

Participation in all experiences is at individuals’ own risk.

Some experiences may have age and height restrictions and it is participants’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with these.

Please ensure you arrive to your experience 10 minutes before the starting time, latecomers will not be permitted to join.

All experiences can happen in all weather conditions if deemed safe by the experience leader.

The operators of the experiences operate a zero tolerance to alcohol/drug use and anyone deemed to be under the influence and/or at risk of injury will not be allowed to participate.

The experience location and the experience meeting point may be in 2 different areas of the festival, make sure you have read the full information beforehand.

At any time prior to the experience starting, it can be cancelled at the operator’s sole discretion, without refund or exchange.

In order to gain access to the experience, participants must have a valid booking confirmation (for advance purchases) and/or paper ticket (for on-site purchases) and the lead booker’s photo ID. The operator reserves the right to refuse entry to the experience(s) at its sole discretion.



Lakeside Spa Ts & Cs

2 hour sessions are inclusive of the entire period spent in the Spa

Strictly no underwear or daywear is allowed in the hot tubs and saunas. Bathing or birthday suits only please. Fresh clean swimwear will be available to hire from the reception

Each guest must take a hot soapy shower before entering hot tubs and sauna. Hot showers with shampoo and shower gel will be provided

Hot tubs are emptied, cleaned and sanitised every day

No under-18s allowed in the Spa. Exception will be made for children over 12 if accompanied by adults. Please email Bathing Under The Sky to let us know in advance

No outside alcohol is permitted in the Spa. You can make use of our bar and have drinks served into your hot tub

Zero drug policy. Any guests found in possession of drugs or attempting to consume drugs will be asked to leave the Spa premises immediately. No refunds will be given.

We reserve the right to refuse your entry to the Spa if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs


You should not use the spa if:

You have serious illness, or have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, respiratory condition, or any other medical condition which may affect your reaction to heat.

You are taking medication for any of the above conditions.

You are susceptible to migraines – sauna and hot water can heighten that.

Have had diarrhoea within the last 14 days.

Have a contagious disease, infectious skin condition, open sores and wounds

Have an illness causing an inability to perspire.

Have had a heavy meal within one-and-a-half hours.

Pregnant women: Are advised not to use sauna and other heat-treatment or should seek medical advice before doing so.

Diabetics: Are strongly advised to check with their doctor before sauna-bathing.


If you have any questions or would like to make special arrangements, please contact

Age & Height Restrictions

Some of the experiences will have age or height restrictions. Please read all of the information on the booking page to make sure that you are within these restrictions before booking as refunds and exchanges will not be available.

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