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Our Charity Partners

Help Refugees

Help Refugees are pioneers in humanitarian aid. Set up by a group of friends, they support over 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East. In just two and a half years they have helped over 722 thousand people. 

They fund women and children's services, medical care, search & rescue, food provision and informal education. Their award-winning model allows an unprecedented 94% of the funds they raise to go directly to the projects helping the most vulnerable. No big salaries or fundraising budgets, just people helping people. 

Choose Love is their simple, powerful message. For the past two years we have helped to spread the Choose Love message with a limited edition exclusive Wilderness X Choose Love t-shirt, based on Katharine Hamnett's iconic design. This year's t-shirts sold faster than ever and completely sold out at the festival. Thank you to everyone who bought a t-shirt and helped this incredible charity continue to do their incredible work across the globe. 

Also, thank you to those of you that donated to Help Refugee's campsite salvage points, your donations have already been collected and distributed to refugees in Europe, putting them to life-saving use.



Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable.

Their work

In an Emergency
When disaster strikes their first priority is to start saving lives. They help provide clean drinking water, sanitation, food and the essentials needed for those affected to survive. Before helping people to rebuild their lives and communities and come back stronger, better preparing them to cope with shocks and uncertainty and face the future on their own terms. Currently responding to both the Yemen and Bangladesh Ronhingya Crisis.

For the Long Haul
Working at grassroots level, promoting development, helping people to help themselves out of poverty - supporting their right to work and provide for their loved ones. Focusing on advancing women's rights and building fair livelihoods for all.

Speaking Out Together
Making sure the voices of the world's poorest people are heard loud and clear, from Downing Street to the World Bank. Bringing their passionate supporters together to take action on big issues that keep people poor, like inequality, climate change and hunger. Challenging the systems and institutions that are the cause of the injustice of poverty, to ensure lasting change.

Festival Stewards

We partner with Oxfam to provide our stewarding service. As one of our stewards, you will be part of a large team representing Wilderness and Oxfam to the festival goers. You'll provide essential roles on site to ensure the festival runs smoothly and the festival-goers are safe. Applications to join us as an Oxfam Steward aren't open yet but keep your eyes peeled for when they open.


Camerados is a new social movement that believes we need two things to get through hard times: Friends and Purpose. They believe the best way to get these is to look out for each other because when you are having a tough time and you are there for someone else you get a great sense of purpose and you have a friend.

Anyone can be a Camerado and they are popping up all over the world, wearing their Camerado badge proudly. Some also create Public Living Rooms – spaces to be a Camerado. Just somewhere to be alongside each other, to be a bit rubbish on a bad day, to have fun, to just be. Equals, no judgement, no fixing and everyone welcome.

This year Camerados returned with their Wilderness Public Living Room and the newest addition to the fold their pop up living rooms, which sprang up across the festival. Their founder Maff Potts also took to our Sanctuary stage The Shala to spread the Camerados message that bit further.

Energy Revolution

Festivals are collectively responsible for 15kilotonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. We all want festivals to continue but we don’t want to have such a massive impact on the earth – Energy Revolution focus on finding a solution for this.

Their current goal is to balance 10 million miles by 2020, with proceeds going towards @solar4schools, a project that helps schools install solar panels & teaches children about a low carbon future.

In 2018 we balanced 23,709 audience travel miles (7,320 kg CO2e) this way. For Season Ten for every car parking and live-in vehicle pass booked, £1 will automatically go to Energy Revolution and support renewable energy projects. This small investment will account for the carbon emissions from the journey to and from the festival. Helping to better turn fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy and transforming a problem into a solution.

Love Support Unite

Love Support Unite, is a grass roots foundation started by 2 sisters that establishes small-scale projects that can be sustained and replicated throughout Malawi to trigger change on a large scale. They work directly with poverty-stricken communities with the goal to empower people to change their own lives rather than creating dependence on a charity. Giving people a leg-upraher than a hand-out. The model creates a blueprint that can be replicated in Malawi and across the world, offering the potential to create self-sufficient, prosperous and empowered communities.

Their Focus

Creating sustainable Schools, feeding all pupils, surplus crops pay for materials. Funding 8 volunteers through teacher training. Adult literacy and computing classes. Secondary education and university sponsorship. Mother-Baby Wellbeing courses. Business and permaculture training.

Providing vulnerable families with 0% microloans alongside business training. Forming women’s cooperative enterprises. Running a medical outreach across 8 areas a month. Teaching nutrition through Family Futures and Sustainable School.

Improved Access to Clean Water
Installing boreholes for clean drinking water and drip irrigation. Providing training in water harvesting for effective crop development.

Solar Power
Installing solar power in the communities, facilitating evening study and the ability to generate revenue through solar phone charging.

To those of you that found them at Season Nine and took part in their  Junkyard Golf Challenge, thank you.

Festival Spirit

Every year we partner with Festival Spirit, a charity providing the full festival experience to young people who would not normally be able to attend and enjoy due to life-limiting illness or disability, our guests.

They provide 'buddies' to assist guests and their carers to get around the festival site and to make the most of the weekend event, see bands and attend all the other exciting workshops and activities on offer. At Wilderness these groups stay in a wonderful colourful marquee in the Accessibility Campsite and enjoy the full festival experience. Accommodation includes: Full electric hospital profile beds for each guest, curtained off private sleeping area for each guest and their carer, hard flooring for ease of wheelchair access, hoists, shower chair / commodes, heating, electricity, camp beds for carers and buddies.

Please consider donating £2 to this incredible charity when you book your Festival Tickets.

Thomas Gifford Trust

The Thomas Gifford Trust is a local charity dedicated to the Charlbury Town and the surrounding area.

It works on different community projects that are relevant at the time. For the past 10 years they have been raising funds for and managing the construction of the Charlbury Community Centre which opened on 9th September 2017.

To thank this wonderful community for the part the play in making Wilderness happen please consider donating £2 to this extremely worthwhile charity when booking your festival tickets.


Once again we are proud to be partnering with ROSY – Respite nursing for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters. This fantastic organisation raises funds to boost the extremely limited resources of Oxfordshire’s Children’s Respite Nursing Team. The team offers respite nursing to terminally, acutely, or chronically ill children and babies in their homes.

Oxford Food Bank

The Oxford Food Bank has two purposes: feeding the community and protecting the environment.

At Wilderness they collect: fresh fruit and veg, dairy and bakery items, boxed items, soft drinks and non-perishables from traders, restaurants and bars, and distribute it free of charge to local charities, ensuring the food gets to the right people and reducing food poverty. This also reduces food waste in the local area, lessening environmental impact. Most of their operations are carried out by volunteers, helping them to provide around £20 of food for every £1 donated.

In 2018 our partnership with Oxford Food Bank prevented 5 tonnes of festival food going to landfill, instead distributing it to around 80 charities in Oxford.
In 2019 we partnered with them again and they also took part in our campsite festival salvage alongside Help Refugees, to anyone that donated to their cause, thank you.

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