With thanks to the wonderful Sarah Chamberlain…

We found this poem written by sparkling example of humanity Sarah. Thank you all for being the ones who get stuck in, roll up you sleeves and get down to the serious business of having a good time.

An Ode to Wilderness 2017…
A tented home and Simon the saviour,
A trust and go with the flow behaviour.
A bit of gin and crap loads of tea.
Ronnie Scott’s live + stand up comedy.
Musical chairs and a Tai Chi class,
Wild water swims and dancing on grass.
Astrology, gongs and comfy shoes,
Laura Mvula singing the blues.
A cricket match with Trump and May,
The Joker and Batman made my day.
Unbrushed hair and make-up free,
Theatre, art and fish puppetry.
Babies and Grandma’s and all in between,
Can you believe that the toilets were clean?!
Thunderstorms and moonlit skies,
Wellies and jumpers and glittery eyes.
Nibble and scoff and gulp and sip,
Why take a shower when you can lake dip?! Open fires and soulful chats,
Shiva and Shakti and yoga mats.
Dragonflies and homemade cake,
Sculpt and weave and carve and make.
Hip hop, folk and fairy lights,
Base and bubbles and pink sky nights.
Peanut butter, talks and debates,
Sharing life with some beautiful mates.
Wilderness you are my all time fave,
See you next year you absolute BABE.