New For 2017

It’s all for you…

New year. New beginnings. New us.

Ever evolving, we have revamped our late night operations. The Night Realm is the new dimension; a wild and colourful plane filled with many collectives and characters primed to party. It’s THE place to tramp around dressed to the nines, partner in crime at your side, sequinned up, marbles collected and ready to be lost for the evening. This is the gamut which inevitably leads you down to the technicolour glory of The Valley. But there is so much popping this year that you may not even get there…

Three words. The Love Hotel.

Our gorgeous, risqué but romantic area is completely new – a decadent, cherry-blossomed wonderland for you to play in after dark… Welcome to The Love Hotel. All will be revealed very soon….. (And we do actually mean all). Neighbouring the hotel is another new kid on the block: The Hustle.

The Hustle is our late night, funk-filled party corner. A vibrant dancefloor, a tent resonating with the best disco-funk jams, secret DJ sets and late night party vibes. Resonant. Ridiculous. Hustling and bustling. Right up your street.

The Playhouse – our perfect Wilderness Theatre – is this year all free. And there’s no need to pre-book. Just turn up (early) and let the shows roll you into your Wilderness mood of mirth.

You said you wanted more cabaret – and so this year, The Playhouse will host two nights of risqué tricks and tease. You stamped your feet and asked for more comedy – and so every single night at The Forum, when the talks and debates shut up shop, a gaggle of comedians will step up to batter you with jokes. Happy now? The Forum is of course coming back with a crop of stellar partners. And while we are on the subject of talks and debates we have a new venue: The Lyceum.

Taking inspiration from Aristotle’s ‘place of public learning’ founded in 335 BC, The Lyceum will present a packed programme of thought-provoking talks and panel discussions, interactive workshops and displays, exclusive film screenings and Q and A’s covering topics such as ecology and the environment, contemporary politics and culture, art, anthropology and philosophy. A ‘Summer School’ with a difference.

The Art Studio is back in town. That’s fine art, in a field, with a touch of the avant-garde. The space will cater for every creative and artistic whim. Workshops, art classes and much more. Come and create. It’s all free as well – except Taxidermy – because those little corpses don’t come cheap.

Our beautiful Carousel has three new party nights. Voodoo Rising, Shotgun Wedding, Sunday Stampede.They will shape and colour the music, the performers and the whole vibe. With Global Local at the helm you can expect a full-on explosion of excitement and knees-up party time. Feel free to get involved. Buckle up – this one’s gonna fly…

There’s loads more for you to discover – you’ll simply have to come and investigate…