Eats Everything presents History Of Rave

Eats Everything presents History Of Rave


Sun 6th 22:30 - 0:00

The Valley

Get ready to witness a Valley invasion as DJ legend, Eats Everything (AKA Daniel Pearce), brings his History of Rave to Wilderness.

Eats Everything is a true guardian of dance music culture. With an open mind and a knack for selecting the perfect beats, he embodies the spirit of rave. "History of Rave" is his magnificent creation, a magical journey that brings people together to celebrate electronic music from all genres and eras. Expect infectious smiles and positive vibes all around.

The line up is an eclectic blend of seasoned veterans and fresh faces. Enter Todd Terry, the legendary maestro of house music, responsible for crafting some of the biggest and most recognizable beats out there and Storm Mollison, the rising star set to conquer any genre with her unique twist. We’ll see you, Wild Ones, on the dancefloor…

A contemporary UK electronic music institution, Eats Everything has a global reputation built on versatility, superlative skills, and a positive outlook - core fundamentals that have made him one of the most in-demand artists around. With his roots firmly embedded in the vibrant, influential music culture of his hometown, Bristol, Eats Everything channels his broad musical palette into every aspect of his output. In 2021 the globetrotting DJ, accomplished producer, prolific remixer, label owner, radio host, and mastermind behind a collection of popular party brands celebrated 10 years of his now infamous pseudonym. His latest release, “Get Up”, combines nostalgic production with a fresh house sound.

Photo Credit - Dan Reid