Ell Kendall & The London Ambient Orchestra

Ell Kendall & The London Ambient Orchestra


Sat 5th 14:45 - 15:45

The Shala

"Occasionally, I'll get lost for a morning. Thinking about sounds that fascinate me, and their quality.  If you take a leaf from a tree, any tree will do, and look at it, I mean really look at it, over 10-15 minutes.  Perhaps this is the type of quality which really gets to me in sound."

Ell Kendall is a UK sound artist and one of BBC3's 'unclassified' composers. His influences range from avant-garde composers and performance artists to early religious music, and ritual. The London Ambient Orchestra is a collaboration of alternative classical artists, joined together through a mutual goal of exploration, expression, and experimentation. The Sacred Nature collection being performed, is a body of secular composition, in spiritual reflection and reverence of our Earth.