Fri 4th 20:45 - 1:45

The House of Sublime

F.O.T.U is a UK underground music force, rooted in London's vibrant scene. Their cosmic DNA intertwines with their passion for music. In the past five years, they've made waves with their unique dance music blend, showcasing versatility behind the decks. F.O.T.U radiates infectious energy and positivity, inviting all to celebrate music and self-expression. Embracing a "no rules" philosophy, they fearlessly mix genres, creating seamless fusions that transcend boundaries.

Having had a residency at Joshua Brooks, a regular at Dalston Superstore, F.O.T.U believes in the power of music to connect people and foster liberation on the dancefloor. Join their intergalactic sonic journey, defying genres and pushing boundaries. Let the beats take you away.