Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler


Sun 6th 0:00 - 2:00

The Valley

Your Saturday night Valley headliner

Widely considered to be one of the chief innovators in the genre of electronic dance music known as deep house, Kerri Chandler has carved out a unique musical vision brought to life in marathon sets known to go on for 6 hours or more, he infuses elements of soul, jazz, funk, and practically any other dance rhythms to create the vivid sound tapestry unique to him. That has earned this world-class DJ, producer the affectionate nickname the Stevie Wonder of House music.

As a skilled multi-instrumentalist and Dolby Atmos certified recording engineer with a propensity for tinkering under the hood, Chandler strives to understand every aspect of sound recording and amplification. Kerri is constantly pushing the boundaries of recording technology and live-performance sound systems. When this talented DJ, and producer is behind the decks at notable venues as diverse as Printworks in London and Sub Club in Glasgow, you are guaranteed to be awash in quality music that reflects his experience as a global performer.

Seamlessly transitioning from live DJing to live jam session complete with keyboards, live vocals, and loops.

You can never anticipate what you’re going to experience.