Fri 4th 22:45 - 0:15

Peacock Bar

Lottie is a household name once again, thanks to her recent guest-presenting for Ana Mantronic’s Dance Devotion shows, on BBC Radio 2.

Mixing, musing and enthusing over electronic music’s current stars, alongside now-classics. The records she once championed when presenting The Essential Selection on Radio 1 over a decade ago, reminds us of her heritage as one of the UK’s finest ever DJs and one of the first female players on a British scene that was to take over the world, and her with it.

A true pioneer of House music, since the 90’s rave revolution shaped a generation, Lottie has been a DJ, voice, orchestrator & influencer. Her thirst for new music is matched only by her passion for the history to be heard. DJing wasn’t a “proper job” back then; it was an escape, a wonderland.

The scene was built on inclusion, but for Lottie to have broken through, as a female DJ back then, is still remarkable, and inspiring today.