Olly Wood B2B Saronde

Olly Wood B2B Saronde


Fri 4th 20:00 - 22:00

The Pop-Up Market

Beating Heart presents...Olly Wood B2B Saronde

Olly Wood and Chris Pedley (AKA Saronde) met at Lake Of Stars festival in Malawi in 2015.

They fused their common interests and a year later they founded the Beating Heart Project, curating remixes of vintage field recordings sourced from the International Library of African music (ILAM).

They enlisted artists such as Goldie, Angelique Kidjo, Rudimental, Nabiha Iqbal, Auntie Flo, Clap Clap, Ibibio Sound Machine, Kidnap, Muzi and many more to remix.

Most notably Bicep used one of the ILAM samples recorded in Malawi in 1952 for their iconic hit record ‘Apricots’. Chris and Olly are excited to reunite for their first DJ jam since spinning together in Kenya in January 2020.