Pip Millett

Pip Millett


Sun 6th 18:20 - 19:05

The Wilderness Stage

Poised as a generational titan, anointed in an ethereal amalgamation of R&B and jazz, Pip Millett is every bit the artist of those who came before her, and demonstrated glimmers of her potential across singles such as “Drunk & Alone” and her formalised debut single “Make Me Cry” — the latter of which served as her inaugural, 2019 COLORS performance. Now at over five million views, ‘Make Me Cry’, the smokey, cathartic breakthrough, cushioned Pip Millett’s arrival, with her rich and tender runs guiding the way for audiences across both Manchester and the world at large.

With sold-out dates across Europe and the eyes of both the industry and the UK firmly on her, Pip Millett proves firmly on When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know that blossoming authentically and true-to-form is a concoction that audiences are yearning for more of.
Once released, she'll prove that all of her talents and industry nods are only the beginnings of the next homegrown legacy act in the making. "The North needs the light shone on it" she says earnestly. "And to be part of this current moment is beautiful. It's time it opened up and allowed us in."