Sasha Gigi

Sasha Gigi


Sun 6th 20:00 - 21:30

Veuve Cliquot

“I was born in North London,” says emerging DJ/producer Sasha GiGi when I suggest we start at the beginning. “My Mum is from Glasgow and my Dad is from Birmingham. But I was born and raised in London, so I am a proud Londoner. She was also surrounded by a musical family (“My Grandma is very musical, my Great Grandpa was a professional violinist and I can remember being 4, dancing to ‘American Pie’ with my Dad. My childhood soundtrack was Carol King and The Supremes!”) All this explains why she learned to play sax at the age of seven. “I wanted something a bit different,” she nods, a philosophy that still colours her own career.

Dance music, the more acidic house-bound kind, came a little later, initially via underage dubstep raves. “To me, music is an immersive experience,” she explains. “I’ve always love the mystery and unknown of the night so dance music is about that.” Sasha chose Bristol University as her new home: “and I chose Bristol because of the big music scene. Bristol is where I got into dance music. It opened my mind up to this whole new scene of music. I had a radio show for three years, on Burst and was curating dance playlists. And that’s where I got to properly understand dance music.”

“My own sound is between Eats and Michael BiBi,” she reasons. “I would love to jump on a Bibi line-up but equally my sound is more energetic, more big room. I’m trying to go back to a childhood state of mind. It’s important to know the culture but making music that comes from within is very important. In these first records, I want to keep a quirky sound because that is my personality. I’m very influenced by Chicago house, and squelchy basslines. As I mentioned, I’m not afraid of energetic productions with acid disco touches. I love those warble effects! A good example is ‘Function’ by Justin Martin & Ardalan Feat. PartyPatty, where he used the TV303.” With 2022 this action-packed, we can only wonder what next year’s functions will bring