Sun 6th 19:35 - 20:35

The Wilderness Stage

Sugababes became the most successful British girl bands of the 21st century with six Number One singles, millions of global sales, and multiple multi-platinum albums.
Along the way, they told one of the most spectacular stories of the modern pop era.

The story usually goes that Sugababes started off via school friends Mutya and Keisha but the detail, like so much in the world of Sugababes, is a little more complicated. It starts with Siobhan’s singing making an impression on her best friend, whose brother-in-law happened to be former All Saints manager Ron Tom.

“He was dropping us at the cinema one night in Harrow, and I jumped in the car and sang an En Vogue song for him,” Siobhan remembers. “He was like, ‘I’m gonna sign you immediately!’ I was 12 and had no idea what that even meant.”

Soon after, Ron bumped into Mutya’s Dad in a supermarket, got chatting, and ended up inviting Mutya to the studio. She and Siobhan hit it off and decided they wanted to record something together. On the second day, Mutya’s mate Keisha came along to see what was what. It took a moment for everyone to twig what had happened.

“After a while, Ron was just like: ‘This is it’,” Siobhan recalls.“We went: ‘It’s what?’And he went: ‘It’s a band.’”