Security Recommendations

Please don’t bring anything valuable to the festival
Clearly mark property with your address, postcode or contact number. This helps deter thieves and ensure lost goods get returned.
Use on-site lockers rather than belongings in your tent. These will be available to pre-book or book at the festival.
Sleep with valuables in your sleeping bag and not near the door of your tent.

Don’t carry big amounts of cash on you, there are cash machines on-site. Bars and venues accept card payments.
Don’t carry all of your cash or valuables in one bag or pocket.
Only take the items in your wallet that you really need. Leave any unnecessary cards and keys at home.

Safety in numbers, set up camp with friends and create a community with your new neighbours.
Be untidy in your tent – don’t leave everything in one bag that can be grabbed quickly.
Do not challenge anyone you find looking through your tent. Take a mental image of what they look like and report them to festival security or the police.

Don’t leave anything valuable in your car.
Empty all belongings from our glove compartment and leave it open.
Rub off any marks left by sat nav’s on your windscreen.

Personal Safety
Phone signal on site can sometimes be disrupted. Decide a meeting point with your friends at the beginning of the festival so you can find each other with ease and carry on having a good time.
Festivals are all about meeting new people, but if you meet someone new it’s best to invite them to join your friends first, rather seeing them alone.
At night, stick to the well-lit areas of the festival. Always keep a torch on you.
If you are feeling pressured, upset, emotional or just want a friendly face to talk to, head to the Welfare tent where the staff will be more than happy to help.
Always keep your drink on you and don’t put it down without keeping an eye on it. Never accept drinks from strangers and try and stick to the Wilderness bars.

Reporting a Crime
If you witness a crime or are unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime it is important that you report it immediately so we can act on it as soon as possible – you can do this by finding your nearest security guard.
It’s much easier for us if we have as much information as possible. If you can remember appearance, clothing etc. of the person and the exact details of where you were at the time the likelihood of us finding them is far greater.

Reporting a Member of Security/Staff
If a member of the stewarding or security team have bothered you in anyway the you can let us know directly on-site at the Info Tent.
It is important that you get their name/I.D. number otherwise it becomes quite tricky to pin down exactly who it was.
We take staff misconduct very seriously so please let us know.

Reporting a Lost Child
Give your children the same advice you would if you were anywhere else; don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first. If they get lost have them ask for help from a member of security or a steward.
Any found children will be cared for in the Welfare Tent and this would be the first place to head if you have been separated.  It’s really helpful if you give your child a copy of your phone number.
If you find a lost child please take them to a security guard, the Info Tent or Welfare Tent.

Reporting a Missing/Found item
We work incredibly hard to ensure any lost property is returned to it’s rightful owner throughout and post festival.
If you lose an item please fill out our Lost Property Form and pop by the Info Tent to see if it’s been handed in.
If you find an item please hand it in at the Info Tent on-site.

The Info Tent

The Info Tent is there if you have any questions or require any assistance during the festival. It is positioned at a central point of the arena and its staff will be able to provide you with helpful answers and assistance regarding most problems.

  • Staff can provide you with up-to-date information about all activities taking place, guide you towards facilities you may require and relay important information or feedback to improve your experience.
  • You can buy our festival programme here, your everything you need to know guide to the festival.
  • It’s the hub for all lost property, if you have lost or found anything please head straight there to hand it in / report it missing.
  • It’s home to our swapping tree, a self run service where festivalgoers can leave or request any extra experiences to swap between one another.