Try your hand? Tinker with copper-smithing at this traditional workshop. Learn to produce handcrafted copper-work and fabricate a range of beautiful and useful utensils using hand-tools.  

Wild Runs

The Midnight Runners movement was born out of love for London, and a desire to escape the confines of the gym. They are an ever-growing crew of athletes of all ages and nationalities from different disciplines and backgrounds, united by a passion for meet

The Art Studio

The Art Studio is back in town. That’s fine art, in a field, with a touch of the avant-garde. The space will cater for every creative and artistic whim. Workshops and art classes, you can pimp a pineapple, you can draw a live minotaur or angel while they

The Club House Playing Field

The Club House is the first festival venue dedicated to the ancient art of winning. We invite your competitive side to an afternoon of mad sports at the Playing Fields, and ultimately, some WINNING.  Come and meet The Club House Games Hosts, a wild bunch

Haus of Victorinox

For a sixth year running Victorinox, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife, return to Wilderness. The Haus of Victorinox revisits this summer with an inspiring collective of workshops and artistic talent for the festival. Join us at the Haus with old fr

The Greencrafts Village

Greencrafts celebrates and teaches the ancient techniques and crafts of our wilder forefathers. Brought to you by master craftsmen and women, this is the place to come and learn a traditional skill, get hands-on with natural and sustainable materials and

Cuttlefish Casting Silver Workshop

Fancy casting your own silver pendant? Using the bone from the amazing cuttlefish, carve a mold. Then melt recycled silver until molten and pour into the cuttlefish bone mold. Quench and see what you have created! So exciting and fun. Come and visit us an

WyldWood Willow

Wyldwood Willow will be running drop in basket-making classes in the green yurt with the huge white awning. Various baskets and sculpture on offer for sale or weave your own. Recline in our comfortable woven willow suspended chairs if you are passing by..