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BOi BOX was founded at the legendary Candy Bar in Soho by on and off stage cabaret couple and dynamite Drag duo, Adam All and Apple Derrieres, it’s prime directive being to encourage other Drag Kings to perform and create an inclusive and welcoming space, a community. It is London’s longest running dedicated monthly Drag King night, having recently celebrated their 100th show and sixth year and it now sells out every last Thursday of the month at Queer hot-spot The Glory.

When it began, there were very few opportunities for Drag Kings to perform and Adam & Apple understood how vital this was for those they worked with, particularly AFAB performers who were often being overlooked in the Queer Cabaret scene. To perform in Drag is to let out your peacocks tail and be proud of who you are’, as Adam says, “There is so much talent and it needs to be seen.” BOiBOX provides a space for performers to explore gender in themselves and in society and be free to express themselves and have their voices heard.

‘London’s Vital Drag King Night’ and recommended in ‘London’s Best Drag Nights and shows’ – Time Out

A ‘hidden Soho gem BOiBOX is my top tip‘ – The Guardian

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