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Camerados is a new social movement that believes we need two things to get through hard times: Friends and Purpose. They believe the best way to get these is to look out for each other because when you are having a tough time and you are there for someone else you get a great sense of purpose and you have a friend. Anyone can be a Camerado and they are popping up across the world, wearing their Camerado badge proudly. Some also create Public Living Rooms – spaces to be a Camerado. Just somewhere to be alongside each other, to be a bit rubbish on a bad day, to have fun, to just be. Equals, no judgement, no fixing and everyone welcome.

Wilderness is a natural habitat for the Camerados, we’re both about bringing people together, looking out for each other, whoever you are, whatever your background and making sure it’s a laugh. For Season Nine the Camerados returned to the Wilderness fields with their beautiful Public Living Room and their new pop up living rooms, which sprang up across the festival. Their founder Maff Potts also took to our Sanctuary stage The Shala to spread the Camerados message that bit further.

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