Botanicals Workshops

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Seilich Botanicals

Bookings for Wilderness 2020 are closed. If you already booked any extra experiences for Wilderness 2020, these will be automatically refunded.

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Join Dr Sally Gouldstone founder of Seilich Botanicals. A botanist with a passion for all things wild.  She has worked in nature conservation for 20 years and is currently based at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh where she endeavours to save rare Scottish plant species from extinction.  

The Wonderful World of Aromatic Plants

Where do essential oils come from?
Come on a sensory adventure to find out how essential oils are made and why plants produce them.  Sniff out some of the aromatic plants growing in the grasslands, woodlands and lakeside habitats of Wilderness, and discover how and why plants are creating these smelly properties.  This walk will take us into the weird and wonderful world of plant communication – yes the plants really are talking to one another!  Come along to find out how.

Distilling Essential Oils

What exactly are essential oils and floral waters and how are they made?
Learn the ancient art of essential oil distillation using traditional copper stills. Using plants collected from the Wilderness woodlands, a live distillation will be carried out to capture the spirit of the collected plants. Participants will come away with their very own Wilderness Festival floral water.

Make your own Cosmetics from Floral Waters

Using floral waters collected from Wilderness, learn to make beautiful natural and fresh cosmetic products such as facial mists, cleansers, serums and toners. Participants will leave with their own bespoke product that they’ll create during the class.

Meet at The Sanctuary Reception 15 minutes before the start of your session.

Please note all extra experiences are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so please make sure you know which class you’d like to take part in before booking.

If you’ve booked in advance, please bring a copy of the lead booker’s I.D. and your confirmation email (printed or screenshotted on your phone) to check in. Group bookings must arrive together to check in.

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