Energy Revolution

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Festivals are collectively responsible for 15kilotonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. We all want festivals to continue but we don’t want to have such a massive impact on the earth – Energy Revolution focus on finding a solution for this. Their current goal is to balance 10 million miles by 2020, with proceeds going towards @solar4schools, a project that helps schools install solar panels & teaches children about a low carbon future.

Having partnered with them for the last three years you’ve been able to donate to this fantastic cause when booking your festival tickets. In 2018 we balanced 23,709 audience travel miles (7,320 kg CO2e). In 2019, we increased this to 38,940 miles balanced. Now, for Season Ten for every car parking and live-in vehicle pass booked, £1 will automatically go to Energy Revolution and support their renewable energy projects. This small investment will account for the carbon emissions from the journey to and from the festival. Helping to better turn fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy and transforming a problem into a solution.

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