Love Support Unite

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Love Support Unite, is a grass roots foundation started by 2 sisters that establishes small-scale projects that can be sustained and replicated throughout Malawi to trigger change on a large scale. They work directly with poverty-stricken communities with the goal to empower people to change their own lives rather than creating dependence on a charity. Giving people a leg-up rather than a hand-out. The model creates a blueprint that can be replicated in Malawi and across the world, offering the potential to create self-sufficient, prosperous and empowered communities.

Their Focus

Creating sustainable Schools, feeding all pupils, surplus crops pay for materials. Funding 8 volunteers through teacher training. Adult literacy and computing classes. Secondary education and university sponsorship. Mother-Baby Wellbeing courses. Business and permaculture training.

Providing vulnerable families with 0% microloans alongside business training. Forming women’s cooperative enterprises. Running a medical outreach across 8 areas a month. Teaching nutrition through Family Futures and Sustainable School.

Improved Access to Clean Water
Installing boreholes for clean drinking water and drip irrigation. Providing training in water harvesting for effective crop development.

Solar Power
Installing solar power in the communities, facilitating evening study and the ability to generate revenue through solar phone charging.

To those of you that found them at Season Nine and took part in their  Junkyard Golf Challenge, thank you.

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