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Tom Middleton | Tracie Storey
Richie Bostock

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Awaken your dormant superpowers with this unique transformative mental, physical, emotional and spiritual journey that merges guided breathwork with psychoacoustic electronic soundscapes and live high vibrational acoustic instruments. Taking you safely on an inner voyage to the edge of the Cosmos, you may experience various elevated mind, body and energy states from a horizontal supine position to the vertical dance finale where you are encouraged to release your inner superhero. Experience the ultimate collective natural high that will unblock meridians, align energy centres and leave you loved up and buzzing with positive energy, a huge smile, flowing with ideas and a heart full of hope, joy and creative possibility.

Please note all extra experiences are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

If you’ve booked in advance, please bring a copy of the lead booker’s I.D. and your confirmation email (printed or screenshotted on your phone) to check in. Group bookings must arrive together to check in.

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