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Pop does have a habit of taking us by surprise, but back in the spring of 1995 you’d have got some decent odds on the chances of three naked men in a bath turning out to be one of the few British bands to escape the 20th Century with their dignity intact. With an unbroken run of five Top 10 albums, among them three platinum sellers and ten Top 20 singles. The Brit and Ivor Novello-winning Oxford outfit have scored the biggest-selling debut for Parlophone since The Beatles, toured the world and supported everyone from Blur to Foo Fighters. None of which would have seemed likely to the kids from Wheatley Park Comprehensive.

In one early interview Gaz took a smart stance on their own future: “We’re aware we could disappear overnight”. As for success? “If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen.” And somehow it did happen, to the tune of millions of album and single sales, blanket critical acclaim and, a legacy that exists purely because nobody was trying to create one. Now, it’s happening again. And while much that was pivotal in the original Supergrass story has moved on, thanks to those three (then four) fellas in the bath, and the rush of songs that continue to fizz, thrill, and tickle the senses, we can still feel alright.

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