The Breath Guy

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Is it possible to achieve the same blissful states of no-mind, no-where and no-time that dedicated meditators take many years to achieve with just a few minutes of breathing?
Lie back and relax as Richie Bostock takes you on a journey through carefully crafted soundscapes and powerful breathing techniques that will turn down the volume of your thoughts in a way like you’ve never experienced and leave you on a natural high with a sense of peace, clarity and blissful energy that you may have never experienced in your life.  

Candlelit Breathwork – Friday & Sunday 19:15 – 20:15

Breathwork – Saturday 15:00 – 15:45

Please note all extra experiences are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so please make sure you know which class you’d like to take part in before booking.

If you’ve booked in advance, please bring a copy of the lead booker’s I.D. and your confirmation email (printed or screenshotted on your phone) to check in. Group bookings must arrive together to check in.

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