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Bookings for Wilderness 2020 are closed. If you already booked any extra experiences for Wilderness 2020, these will be automatically refunded.

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Mental Health Made Simple

Personal trainer Lawrence Price sits alongside life coach Ben Bidwell & mens coach Michael Maisey, to understand more about why everyone is talking about mental health. Michael and Ben both have incredible stories as to why they changed their lives around, in this workshop their learnings will be unpicked in relatable fashion, so that we can understand why mental health matters, and how we can all make positive changes. 

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby!

42% of men in the UK report some kind of sexual problem. Most common is a lack of interest in sex & coming too soon (15%), followed by erectile problems (13%). The key to many of these problems often lies with disconnection, we go into our heads and out of our bodies. Ben Bidwell sits with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Karen Gurney to talk about how unhelpful male stereotypes teach men how they “should” perform sexually, leading them to have sex in a way that reduces enjoyment. This promises to be an eye opening chat for both the boys and the girls! 

Healthy, Mature Masculinity

Michael Maisey has an incredible story going from being a “Young Offender” (the name of his book), where he spent time in prison, to living a wholehearted life full of love and compassion. How did he do it? Through vulnerability and an understanding of who he is as a man. This workshop will explore why vulnerability is so important, & how we can be powerfully vulnerable, without being a victim. It’s time for men to step into the full range of superpowers that are within us all.

The New Fit Mindset: Intuitive Fitness and Body Confidence

Regimental training routines coupled with painful dieting may eventually eek out results for the body, but how does that leave you feeling? How fulfilling was the process of ‘getting there’ and once goals were hit how long did they last? Personal Trainer and fit mindset devotee, Lawrence Price, believes a new fitness thought process is required. Focusing on the ‘feeling’, rather than metric endpoints, via intuitive exercise may well hold the key for a more fulfilling fitness led lifestyle.

Mens Check In Circle – All Of You Is Welcome

An open, honest & non-judgemental space for men to check-in with one another. This is a chance to explore your truth and the type of man you want to be whilst connecting with like minded men. Real conversation will be the driver, deep connection will be the end result. 

Please note all extra experiences are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so please make sure you know which class you’d like to take part in before booking.

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