Sarah Turner

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Following the immense success of last year’s dinner by Social Pantry’s Sarah Turner, and with Sarah having recently ascended to the role of Head of Development, this year sees Sarah take centre stage to host Thursday evening at Wilderness Kitchen. Social Pantry is an established sustainability trailblazer and caterer of choice for high-profile trend-setting clientele and exciting luxury events, with a forward-thinking approach to both social and environmental responsibility as a hospitality industry leader in ex-offender employment and plans to become the UK’s first and only zero-waste caterer.

Sarah’s role at Social Pantry focuses on developing innovative, closed-loop menus at the forefront of emerging food trends and sustainability. Sarah has completed stages at Silo – London’s first zero-waste restaurant – and zero-waste restaurant Nolla in Helsinki which have informed the high-end approach to zero-waste dining that Social Pantry is best known for. Sarah’s dinner at Wilderness Kitchen will exhibit her distinctive, vibrant style of cooking that combines impeccable sourcing with an emphasis on foraging, fermentation and root-to-leaf dishes. Expect high-impact gastronomy with minimal environmental impact.

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