Yassine Senghor – Allyship in Action

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By day, Yassine is an Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion consultant, but her many side hustles include writer, facilitator, mentor, speaker, sensitivity coach and occasional model. As a queer, black, African, immigrant, gender non-conforming big girl with a mixed bag of mental health issues; my passion for equality, equity and inclusion stems from the core of my very existence.

My whole life, mainstream society has had no problem letting me know just how much I do not fit in, how undesirable I was, and how there was no room for me.  I’ve grown up being told how ugly I was in most aspects of my identity, being fat, dark skinned and a masculine presenting woman. Over time, and with much self exploration, unlearning and questioning, I have learned to turn the shame over these things that once consumed me, into my greatest gift.

Allyship is a verb, so how do we keep it moving?

Allyship – you’ve probably heard the word loads in the last year, but what does it actually mean, and what does it mean to you? We’ll look at what an ally is, why they are important, privilege and solidarity, we’ll cover some core initial actions in allyship and you’ll leave thinking about your next steps as an ally. As the saying goes, ally is a verb, so let’s keep it moving!


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