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Another Pantry is a recipe platform & online food resource that celebrates contemporary food culture. We’re building a collection of recipes and stories from the UK food community in a way that champions seasonal, slow and conscious cooking. Founded by food writer & photographer Safia Shakarchi, it is a space to build community and to get to know the people and processes behind the food we eat.

We release four seasonal recipe edits throughout the year to guide you through the best of the season’s produce. In slowing down the pace, we hope to encourage mindfulness in what we consume both on our plates and on our screens. Through recipes, stories, pop-ups and events, we hope to inspire you to cook and eat thoughtfully, and to support our food industry whether you’re dining in, or out.

Join Safia on Sunday in The Dining Room for her panels on

From Plate to Planet: The Impact of our Everyday Food Choices
Cooking as Storytelling: The Power of Food To Connect Us

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