Art Macabre
Queer Life Drawing

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Celebrate diversity and the beauty to be found in all bodies at Art Macabre’s Queer Life Drawing salon. Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter what your sexuality/gender/drawing experience, to meet our queer life models and get to know them that little bit better by drawing them. Let them inspire your creativity at this playful drawing experience! Art Macabre life drawing salons have been an inclusive and LGBTQIA+ focused community of creatives since being created in 2009- starting out from a queer, feminist DIY festival. 10 years later, our models are purposefully diverse and we invite you to sketch our latest muses on stage in the House of Sublime to a fun soundtrack, with vibrantly self-styled and nude models to be drawn.

Photo Credit: Art Macabre, Bianca Darkwoods.

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