Astral Industries

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Astral Industries founder Ario is a practitioner of deep and inquisitive music – both as a DJ and label curator. His remit falls within the deeper shades of electronic music, and depending on context, he traverses the lines and forms between ambient and heavier, club-ready styles. What is common in both worlds, however, is his alchemic handling of rich organicism mixed with darker, more austere sounds. Speaking with an emotive sensitivity, there is a certain self-awareness that permeates his crafted soundscapes, which are as much drone-inspired as they are psychedelic and nature-driven.


Hems is a London based producer and record collector known for intricate, forward-thinking selections that showcase his love for sound design and immersive listening. He is a resident DJ at Astral Industries and is a co-founder of Camera Obscura. His latest releases include tracks on Mysteries of the Deep and South Korean label Huinali Recordings.

Eight Fold Way

Eight Fold Way is the alias of sound artist Mark H. Geary, whose work explores the power of music and art to alter perceptions and improve our wellbeing. Mark’s interdisciplinary approach draws from experience design, psychology, and different immersive technologies, to create innovative multi-sensory experiences with music. Recent projects include Soporose – a sleeping research concert, and Tasting Sound – an immersive sound art dinner. Mark’s passion for music and sound has many other outlets, most notably as a resident DJ for Astral Industries and Freemovements. As Eight Fold Way, Mark also releases a regular mix series, ‘Strange Rituals,’ using research into different themes to select music for the mix.

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