Bathing under the Sky

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Forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku), was developed in Japan in the 1980s. Forest bathing has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, blood cortisol levels, reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, increase vigour and boost immune response. Overall it has been found to be particularly restorative.

We all know that you can take your worries with you on a standard walk in the woods; you can walk for an hour and hardly notice a bird or a tree, instead being distracted by your mind. During a forest bathing session you will work sense by sense to truly experience the forest. Focussing on one sense at a time will help you feel more connected with the rest of the natural world. You will slowly, quietly – touch, taste, smell, see and listen your way through the beautiful woods. Blood pressure drops and layers of stress are shed the deeper and further you go, so much so that you fully inhabit your body and all your concerns melt away.

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