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Workshop – How Young People Want To Be Asked Their Opinions On The Big Stuff
Sarah-Jane Phelan & Jenny Hewit

As researchers, we are in a privileged position to participate with, listen to, and respond to, children’s thoughts about global issues such as climate change, migration and global politics, affecting their future. Developing methodological toolkits that are engaging, respectful, fun and truly participatory is at the heart of meaningful engagement that can improve the course of their future, steered by their experiences. Who knows better how to respectfully ask young people about their ideas than young people themselves? Yet, the importance of this is often neglected as saliently demonstrated by the recent Climate change protest movements in schools, born out of frustration at being unheard and a determination to bring about the futures they deserve. We want to ask children how to do this best. This workshop aims to engage children and their parents in ideas for taking methods forward for young people to find a voice through interactive games and discussions.

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