Caravan Palace

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The apostles of Electro Swing are back with a new evocative second album: ‘Panic!’ and a brand new customised flavour for 2019.  This time, Caravan Palace takes us even further than their first album (which sold more than 150,000 copies) to continue an amazing adventure. Since playing Django Reinhardt Festival in 2007 and releasing their debut studio album in 2008, the band have had enormous successes in European album charts, including remaining in the French album charts for 68 consecutive weeks.

The bands strength lies in their common passion for electronic music. The initial trio, dig swing, especially gypsy jazz, and try their hands at the genre’s traditional instruments: guitar, double bass and violin. That’s where this peculiar mixture of classical Django and new trendy electro comes from. And it’s far better than those retro futuristic sounds… because it swings.  Since formation, the bands have doubled in size, enrolling Chapi, the boisterous Colotis, and Toustou.

The basic rhythm of the first album has mutated into sophisticated beats, less gimmicky, more varied and enriched with sounds flirting with the frontiers of trip-hop. They still love Massive Attack, they still dig the creative minds of Ninja Tune, Isolée’s minimal electro vibe or Gorillaz’s grand hip-hop rock bazaar. Only the best of the best. But they also rediscover thirties and forties swing jazz, artists like Fletcher Henderson, or the less mainstream musicians like Charlie Shavers and Mildred Bailey.

Photo Credit: Florent Drillon

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